Holy Cow!! – Killer Cow!!

On 28 September 2015 evening, in Dadri, U.P. handful of politically sponsored goons equipped with Swords, Brick – Stones, Sticks attacked the house of a resident Mohd. Akhlaq.

Reason: They SUSPECTED that Akhlaq had consumed and Stored beef in their house on the eve of Eid.

Well the word ‘Suspected’ all alone is enough to prove that it was not just an accident but was a planned lynching. Since May, 2014 India has changed a lot for Muslims. India which was known for its diverse culture seems to changing its course towards becoming a pro saffron nation. The same color which India tried to impose on Nepal few days ago. While most of the politicians are busy in looting our country and getting political mileage out of lynching case. Let’s shift our focus to the centre of the problem.

Yes! COW, HOLY COW or KILLER COW; if you too are a Hindu like me then you will definitely be mad at me because of the salutation KILLER I used for the HOLY COW. Well, if we go back in time and observe it Cow has been the main reason of almost any Hindu-Muslim riots. The reason for the riots is not itself the cow but some dogs that bark at the stages and give this innocent animal a Holy and VIP status. While backstage many of them could be seen enjoying a big plate of Beef Biryani. The truth is not hidden to anyone that many of Hindus eat and enjoy eating Beef. It’s been the culture of Hindus to eat different animals as and when required; even in some Hindu scriptures you will find mention of Beef Eating Habits of Hindu Maharajas & Warriors.

While I personally do not see anything wrong in eating beef I think those Hindus who are in favor of Beef Eating should come forward to defend basic human rights to choose what to eat and what to not. Cow is an animal and must be considered as one. By giving the status of Mother we are not only disrespecting our own Mothers but also bring shame to our nation as in “INDIA: where cow is considered as mother

  • Animals like Cows become the reason of Traffic jams.
  • Abandoned Cows and Bulls causes accidents.
  • Cow causes Riots.
  • Cow Meat i.e. Beef is exported to the world.

How can a nation who considers cow as a Mother can Slay its Mother, Pack it and Export it to the world? Is it not a matter of shame for us?

I ask all my Hindu brothers:

  • Will You let our Mother wander around the city and let her eat anything from the Trash Cans?
  • Will You let your mother sleep in between the Road?
  • Will you cut her into pieces and Export it to other countries?

I am sure your answer for all above written questions will be big NO and that completely ok. We can’t do that because “Mother is the strongest pillar of every Family that nurture and loves us” Giving a Cow a Holy Status only has one agenda i.e. to polarize people/ votes and rule the nation. It’s the only way they can blame any Muslim and do this kind of lynching. I wonder how many of us really care if our neighbor had enough food for the night or not, I wonder how many of us really care if beggars in the street beg us of food to eat. Most of us turn our head to the other side as if we don’t care at all about his carving for food.

If we can become the much careless about others life then how the hell we are supposed to bare someone’s personal life and frisk their home for the remains of what they have eaten? If this is Hinduism them I am ashamed of being a Hindu. This exactly is not Hinduism this act of lynching is Politics. The politics to oppress the Minorities, to divert people’s Attention from Core Issues to non issues. This is politics by “Hindutva Terrorists” to push our nation into a state of unrest and enjoy beef Biryani while watching the riots Live on News channels. But it must not happen; govt. and these so called Gau Bhakats must know that the time is different, people are changing and so the nation. I personally have no issues with any Beef eating Hindu or Muslim Brother. Let there be peace and Harmony and Pass over a little Beef Biryani for me please.


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