Warning Shots: Arise, Awake or Die

India has been the hot topic of discussion for the rest of the world since last year. The reason behind that of Course is not something Our one and Only JumleBaaz will give to you in any Election Campaign or TV interview.The whole world is well aware of the Social Unrest in the country that grew multiple times after May,2014.

An Incapable, Dubious and Hardliner of RSS; He took oath to destroy our Country’s Peace and Harmony. Not only He destroyed people’s peace but also invaded into our personal lives by Snatching our rights to choose Roti and Boti (Bread & Butter) we all want to eat. Communal divides, Lynchings, Controversial Statements its all common under the rule of a Current Government. But if back in time we see; It’s all Our own Mistake that voted for such a failed candidate and Political party to rule over us.

The Current Scenario of the Country explains it all.

  • Controversial Statements.
  • Beef Ban.
  • Lynching Cases in U.P. & H.P.
  • Unrest in Punjab.
  • Unrest in J & K.
  • Unrest in Maharashtra.
  • Hike in Prices.
  • Atrocities on Muslims & Dalits.
  • Politically funded Anti Reservation Drives.
  • The Hooliganism of RSS & SENA.
    & Much More.

Everything in just this approx 18 months of time Span. The current situation is clearly indicating about the upcoming threat that would destroy the structure of Indian Culture and Economy. And all this will happen just because Our Spineless PM Modi has to cards left to play. Now the only way to divert people’s attention from the core issues is to divide them in the name of Reservation, Religions, Nationality and let there be a river of blood once again.

But let me tell you one thing brethren. It’s not just Modi or RSS which is trying to set our Country on Fire. We all are equally responsible for the current situation.

We are responsible because we choosed them to rule upon us.We are responsible because we did not took a stand when house of others were being burned.We are responsible because we choose to stand out of the matter of other religions.We are responsible because when someone from other religion tries to mix up we label him as Traitor.We are responsible when we blindly join these political parties and increase their strengths multiple times.

The nation would never ever come under one roof until or unless we start working on the ground level to uproot the problem. The Problem is within us, The Communal lines between us is the problem and its the reason that Some Impotent, Tainted Touts are Ruling our Country because they know how to separate us in the name of Religion, Reservation and Races.

Just like we repair the roof of our Home to stop leakage/Seepage we need to fill in the cracks that divides our Society. Here is something we should really care about to maintain peace and Harmony:

  • We should respect and let anyone choose whatever he want to eat but we need  to make sure that no one in our neighbor sleeps without food.

  • We need not to be a meek spectator of any heinous act happening around you. Remember if it’s happening with someone else today it might happen with you some other day. Raise a Voice please.

  • Ram Mandir Or Babri Masjid it will remain Political issues and many people have destroyed their lives in these kind of religious matter. Can you name a single political leader his life or who lost a kin to this kind of Riots?

  • Reservation is the hot topic since many years and Politicians are churning out the votes out of it since 1947. Its time that we abolish the caste system first and treat everyone as equal. Indeed Politicians are getting more benefits because of reservation system than that of a Minority is getting. The day we start to behave equal Reservation system will start to vanish away automatically.

  • So You are a GAU BHAKT Right? How many cows do you have in your House?? How many of that the Mandir or the Leaders own? The men who took live of Akhlak how many many of them own a Cow? Ask them first before coming down to roads protesting against beef parties. If you worship A Cow then adopt one of them which are strolling around the town causing inconvenience to all of Us.

  • Clean Ganga project? Do you know the number of people who don’t have access to clean drinking water? We need to work upon that first before paying any heed to such kind of jokes.

  • INDIA-PAKISTAN a never ending issue. Don’t get into dog fight with people on Facebook pages if Shiv Sena or any Other political Party barks something undigestible about our neighbor. They are getting funded for spilling ink on people and you are getting nothing but hate in your mind. They will get votes on the basis of score they created by sparking this kind of controversies. What you will get is Baba Ji Ka Thullu.

  • Do you still dream of 15 Lac INR will credited to your account some day Because once a Jumlebaaz said this kind of thing in his election speech? If yes then Stop dreaming and start living in reality. See where the prices of everything has gone. Next tine vote carefully BEWARE OF _____.

In the end I just want to say Arise, Awake because time is crucial now no one can change the current scenario without collective efforts from all of us. We can change the things else get ready to be killed in Riots and Communal clashes.India needs a New Political Party. No No i am not urging you to support AAP. In my opinion we need better governance that current political parties are unable to provide.


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