Reasons – Why Indo-Pak talks will fail

Indo-Pak relations had been an evergreen topic for international news since the partition. The tussle between these two countries can be seen anywhere from cricket grounds to International summits or even during the crisis (Nepal Disaster is a recent example). While there has had been international pressure on both countries to resume talks with each others; recent Ufa Summit on July 10, 2015 worked as an Ice breaker for India and Pakistan where both countries agreed to resume talks and agreed to resolve conflicts. Though India and Pak has had been holding dialogues in past too but none of that survived beyond few months. While most of believes that Kashmir is the only reason behind failed talks. There exist some other issues which hugely impact on Indo-Pak relations.

Militancy or Terrorism is a grave issue for whole world and how on the earth these two countries can remain unaffected by it. While the problem of terrorism is even more serious in India and Pakistan than that of in US, UK or Europe, India and Pak never leave a chance to blame each other for Terror Strikes. While many of terror attacks happened in India had proved to be connected with Pakistan or ISI; Pakistan too blames India for terror attacks like Peshawar attacks and or whipping up terrorism in Baluchistan. The blame game continues in an infinite loop and news attacks or attack attempts are added to the list as soon as they are recorded. Thus Terrorism is the major roadblocks that keep these two neighbors away from peaceful relations.

Military is the second or in some cases most supreme power of a country. Keeping vigil eye on every moment of the enemy is the main and important task for the frontiers of every nation. Perhaps it was a mistake for Pakistan to declare itself as a democracy; as we see even today, years after separation the main control of Pakistan is in the hands of Military. History witnessed the overturns of governments by Pak Army. Even if a government in Pak stays in power it seldom has the power to take decisions on it’s own. So, till armed forces of Pakistan are not willing to silence their guns on LOC peaceful relations between two countries are nearly impossible. It’s not that only Paki counterpart violates the ceasefire or other rules It’s quite possible that Indian troops have had violated the rules many a times but Indian Armed forces are well under control of Indian government and they stand no chance to overturn the government anytime soon. But, what here both sides need to understand is without their cooperation things are not going to change. The men at border firing Mortars and Bullets at each other are another reason of failed talks.

Kashmir; The ‘K’ factor one can never forget to talk about when taking about the Indo-Pak relations. Though both countries claim their right on Kashmir, this piece of land is the bread winner for political parties of both countries. Neither India nor Pak will make a common decision to agree on about Kashmir’s issue. In this tussle of two countries, development, peace and happiness of residents have been lost. They are living their lives under scare, compelled to live in army camps and living nomadic life. The situation of valley is not hidden from anyone. While Kashmir will be a prime reason behind relation instability between two countries this issue seems not to get resolved for ages.

Lack of Willingness is another key issue for both the countries; however, under International Pressure both countries agreed to resume bilateral talks but there’s absence of willingness by both countries. Perhaps the scars of Partition era are still afresh that none from these two countries want to cooperate to resolve issues; the reason behind this could be the Vote Banks or Pressure from Opposition. Here we see the filthy face of politics; Even if the efforts are made to normalize the relations between the two; Extremists, by their actions try to close that door of possibilities.

Extremism in India and Pakistan leads to instable relationship between two nations. The extremist outfits are believed to spread terrorism on the land of each other which creates political and border tensions. The loss of common man’s life doesn’t mean much for these so called Religious groups of India. All that they have in their mind is hate for other religions. While religion based separation was the reason of partition; extremists took advantage of that to establish different organizations based on their own principles. With the 2014 elections BJP of India took certain steps against Muslim community that drew criticism from all political parties of India. The oppression of Minority can be an unanswerable question for India. While Extremist groups got their job done by pushing government to pass Anti Muslim laws Govt may find itself unable to reason its move.

Pak- Sino relations is the matter of great concern for India. Nurturing relations of Pak and China is adding worries for India. The commissioning of a “preliminary research study” to build international rail link connecting its border province of Xinjiang to Pakistan has added more worries to India security concerns. Recently china has unveiled the plan to build an Airport in POK which will strengthen China’s presence in the area. China has signed several free trade agreements with Pak and is the largest arms supplier for it. With the growing support and economic dependability on China, Pak has to stand with China. While India has border conflicts with china too, it will raise its concern in dialogues that will be held in Delhi soon the issue may ruin talk between India and Pak once again.

Hoping for the best for Indo- Pak talks; Hope these talks bring peace for both countries.

Thanks for reading.


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