How Maharashtra is emerging as an Extremist State of India

Words itself fall short when we begin to talk or write about the politics and problems of India. Not only as individuals but as groups, communities we all are on target of people, political parties that supports opposition. While generally the centre government control state governments from New Delhi. It seems like Current Government or even the previous governments have lesser control on the politics of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra which has been in news over different cases of hooliganism by Shiv Sena, MNS or other party workers, It seems like this time it’s not the state politics which is playing the dirty game of politics in Maharashtra. While Maharashtra has been intolerant and unfriendly for the people from other states for years; the recent moves of the government which only targets Muslim Community clears projects the future of Maharashtra as an Extremist State of India.

Inflammatory Speeches, which mostly comes out from its major Political party Shiv Sena; Beef Ban, Scraping of Muslim Quotas and now classification of Madrasas as ‘non-school’. There are number of reasons to call Maharashtra as the Most Extremist Sate of India. The next communal step its educational minister announced that “Hindu or Christian children will not be allowed to study in Madrasas” violates the law of freedom that we all get under the constitution of India.

Seems like in current rule of BJP centre is using Maharashtra as Political Test where it implements Anti-Muslim Policies to create disharmony among people and create a situation like Gujarat Riots again.


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