Baba, Media and Maggi – Big Questions for India.

The Role of ‘Babas’ in Indian Culture is very difficult to understand; just like tangled noodles can’t be untangled, The Hidden Intentions of Babas are almost impossible to Decode. If we talk about Ancient India or even two or three decades back in time ‘Baba’ or ‘Saint’ were the words of respect but today these words are much more like an abuse. And no one else but Babas themselves are responsible for bringing bad name to them, they are responsible for their tarnished image in society. Today’s some of these Babas are under trials for Murders, Rapes and Bomb Blasts and Much More. It doesn’t just stops here Modern Babas are well known for their Shampoo, Hair oil, Toothpaste and wide range of Other Beauty, Grocery and Cleaning Products, for their Films, for their controversial statements and last but not least for their Silence over Question of Upliftment of weaker sections of society.

Their business practices are discussed as case studies in Board Meetings of Big Corporates and Management Students in top notch Institutes. For these babas the Bhakts/followers are their customers came to shop their products. Actually these kind of Babas have truly found the meaning of Star Plus’s TaglineRishta Wohi, Soch Nayi”, by maintaining the same old Rishta/Relation of Guru-Chela (Master-Follower) and Implementing the sales strategy/Selling the products to them. Perhaps their true face is not that of a Baba or Saint, their true face is of a Marketer. A marketer that directs it’s followers to vote for a specific Political Party, A marketer who stages protests to bring back the black money just another drama. There are absolutely thousands of things to talk about these babas but a question that we all (or specially the followers) should ponder over is: Are We going in The Right Direction?

P.S. As far as I think we are not going in the right direction if we are following these babas. We are not going if we blindly follow the lines these babas drew for their own profits.

Media of course plays a very-very vital role in society. Bringing the news in front of People so that people can know the truth but in this era it’s unfortunate that most of the News Giants of our nation have sold their Honesty to such Babas, Politicians or Business Houses. Suppressing the truth and diverting people’s attention to useless things is what media houses now days are doing. Instead of talking about development, having debates on issues people of country are facing and holding meaningful talks they are busy showing “Kyu aaya Sonam Kapoor ko Gussa” , “Neeli Shirt ka Sanjay Dutt se Kya hai Connection”; Hell, I mean, is this why we tuned to a news Channel to know about these kind of news? Media should be unveiling the truths like how these Politicians making us fool everyday by lying about achievements of governments, by addressing those issues that persists since the era of independence and are yet to be resolved which in fact will never be resolved because those issues are bread and butter for them.

Media should reveal the truth how these Babas are looting people by Selling products at high profit margin. Media should interview such babas and question them about their contribution in development of India. Did they helped India by building toilets in rural India? Did they mention in their sermons about the role of cleanliness in our life? Did they ever donated blood or held blood donation camps in their ashrams? Media should question How come their Ashrams are so clean but Surroundings of the ashram have piles of Dust and Garbage? Media should ask what quantities of medicines are donated to the public on regular basis to fight with health problems. They must be questioned how many Students are being sponsored by their trusts for different taking different competitive exams: IAS, PCS, IFS, NDA, CDS, PMT, and AIEEE. Media must question them if none of above is being done by their ashrams then in what other way they are contributing to the society?


Sabki Pyari Maggi — As if all this was a Plotted Game, As soon as the Maggi Row compelled Nestle India to withdraw its famous product from Indian Market. Two of Babas announced that their TRUSTS, Yes, Charitable Trusts will launch the healthier substitute of Maggi. Should they really doing this? Is this the true face of Babas? Or should they ever be called as Babas. In my opinion they should be called Undercover Business Persons of India. Businessmen with no moral values, Businessmen which are taking over of the Dharam or Religion and Earning a lot of money by Using the name NON PROFIT or CHARITABLE TRUSTS.

P.S. It’s a wakeup call for my brethren, don’t follow pakhandis. Follow humanity. It’s difficult to be an Entrepreneur after MBA and it’s easy to be Baba-cum-Entrepreneur.


7 thoughts on “Baba, Media and Maggi – Big Questions for India.

  1. Well written ,problem with India is religion , babas exploit common man because he goes there to get exploited ,I believe arrest each and every baba of each religion and ban all publicly celebrated festivals , processions ,religion is personal thing so celebrate at home ,don’t block roads

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  2. Role of media explained in a good way … It actually seems insane ” usne yeh kyu kaha” typ of discussion dey carry on hours prolonged 😦
    Media dese days need to change its attitude. … Coz of its day by day lowering standards 🙂

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