PM Modi– The Killer of Indian Democracy

Mid 2014 was the High Time in the history of Indian Politics; The Bed Ridden Indian Democracy was in desperate need of a Messiah to bring it back to life. The change of government was inevitable after UPA-II’s failure on many grounds. But people never expected the change would backfire like this. Corporate friendly National Party BJP registered Victory in the elections.

The credit of victory was given to a double faced man Modi, who cleverly took advantage of UPA-II’s failures and made fake promises to the People. Later on Party named this success as Modi Wave which later on they realized was just a splash after AAP came in power in Delhi.

26 May, 2014 was perhaps the most anticipated day for the people of India When Mr. Modi Sworn in as India’s 15th PM. As soon as he assumed Office as PM of India; “BJP’s Super Hero with 56 inched Chest- Mr. Modi began to show its true face to the public. Modi Bhagats (worshippers) from all over India were now dreaming of Much Anticipated Ache Din as if Mr. Modi has a Magic Wand in his hand to bring good days. They never knew that Modi had cheated them by luring them into a fishnet.

As the time passed by all we got from BJP government is knavishness on the name of Ache Din, Mann Ki Baat, Development, Skilled India, Make in India, Swacch Bharat and umpteen other fake promises and schemes.

The Ground Reality of Modi led BJP government is completely different from what they had promised in their Election Manifesto, from what they promised in their Election Campaigns and from the statements they given in Parliament or in Public when UPA was in Power.

The reality of Modi is that Public now clearly see a dictator in Modi and sure He was and still is a dictator who is trying to run India single handedly. A dictator, who’s making plots to bury the Indian democracy into a deep dug Grave. A dictator, who’s not people friendly & doesn’t think about the people of his country. “A dictator who is ashamed of born in India”. While in last year Modi’s achievements are None but 0. here are some highlights of what he did as PM in One year, apart from Traveling around the globe.

The Highlights of Modi’s One year’s tenure:

  • In spite of sharp criticism from opposition Modi govt. Passed Land Accusation Bill; which means at least farmers are not going to see ache din in coming time.
  • Key BJP leaders got clean chits from Respective Courts in cases like fake encounters and Riots;
  • Minorities Under Modi’s rule are feeling unsafe as BJP MPs and Allies are posing threat for them by giving Controversial statements. Modi is still keeping mum on this issue.
  • On one Hand Modi Government is Promoting Concepts like Smart Cities and Digital India but on the other hand TRAI is waiting to abolish Net Neutrality to benefit the Telecom Operators.
  • Black Money is Still not finding it’s way back home, Perhaps a pretty sum of that black money was spent on Advertising during Election Campaigns.
  • BJP Opposed UID’s and UID Linked LPG Schemes and now making it mandatory all over India.
  • Modi is so concerned about Nepal Disaster, But on the other Hand he is insensitive towards Farmers. As suicides by farmers is really a great concern.
  • Admissions are on in all Indian Universities and Colleges But still I can’t find any Institute’s advertisement who is willing to teach skills coming under NSDC.
  • Modi Govt. is accused of taking credit of schemes initiated by UPA govt.
  • Why Modi don’t react to fake Encounters like Alair Encounter.
  • Modi Govt. Imposed a Ban on Beef, Source of Income and Protein for Many. Is India on the way of being a Extremist Country?
  • When the Prices of Petrol and Diesel came down due to fall in International Prices Modi took the credit, and now as the prices are shooting sky High again He’s Keeping mum on that. Why?
  • Why Gujarat’s Lion became a turned into a Poor Cat when during his China visit Chinese news channel CCTV showed Looped off map of India in which J&K, Arunachal Pradesh was not shown as the part of Indian Territory?
  • Once he expressed his concerns about the Drug ‘Menace in Punjab’ on his Radio Program – ‘Mann Ki baat’. Later on he did nothing to curb the problem. Political problems? Or is it his way to start off things by expressing concerns and keep mum on that after the show.
  • He initiated Clean Ganga Project; I think many of BJP politicians need to clean their heart first.
  • Beti bachao Abhiyan he Initiated; Then why Moga Incident could not broke his silence?
  • Padha Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan Awards were given to corrupt and Tainted politicians; I still wonder on what basis he is giving these awards to them.
  • In Mangolia He tried his Hand on their Musical Instruments, Well India has a rich History of Music and has Many Musical Instruments why don’t he show his love towards music in India.
  • His Visit to China’s Terracotta Museum was much enjoyed by Social Media Users.

He is trying to Prove Himself the one and only good doer of Indian Politics, His speeches and Actions reveal much of the truth he doesn’t speak. And Of course He is acting like a dictator. Apart from that He is a loyal friend of Corporates who funded Him and His party during election campaigns so that they can loot India and Indian people with the consent of a dictator. He blamed UPA Govt. for looting people and taking all the Money to Italy and now the things have changed Govt. is looting people from backdoor and stashing people’s hard earned money into lockers of Corporates. For covering this whole propaganda they name it as VIKAS, Growth in Industrial Sector.

In the Name of ‘Make in India’ he is enjoying foreign trips on taxpayers’ money and acting as he’s the only one able to do good for India. While none of his Country visits has attracted any Big Investment from Foreign companies till now. In my opinion, No investor would like to invest in India till its internal system is corrupt, Unmanageable, Unfriendly and Biased.

Even after all facts mentioned above; we seldom witness newspapers and TV channels to come up with the news that unveils the true face of BJP Government and Modi. All credit goes to Some Corporates and Paid Media Houses which just mean Business.


4 thoughts on “PM Modi– The Killer of Indian Democracy

  1. Hi Mr Kapil, once again really appreciate ur efforts and courage to write the truth, god bless u and ur family, also all Indians and rest all human beings, my prayers are with everyone as I love humanity


  2. Hi Kapil, I appreciate your efforts. As every one in India knows that he (Mr. Prime Minister) wants to be a Dictator and the world has seen the end of the Dictator’s like Saddam Hussain, Gaddafi etc. and nobody knows when that kind of Acche Din will effect Mr. Prime Minister. And Kapil, you have forgotten the recent comment made by Mr. Amit Shah that he need 370 seats to demolish Indian fabric of Secularism and diversity. He is openly saying that if they get the majority then they will not look front and back and will go with their policies no matter what. This is their face. And in-fact they want to built a new constitution book according to their beliefs and policies. And about Mr. Naqvi’s comment why these people are very much bothered/interested of Pakistan, when ever they open their dirty mouth this bloody shit will come out. I think these are the people who don’t like India and keep an interest in other country’s like Pakistan and Arab nations. First of all I would like to ask the people whoever is asking others to go to Pakistan “WHO ARE THEY TO SAY THIS AND FROM WHERE THEY GOT THIS KIND OF ATTITUDE” to tell the Indian to go other countries just for eating beef. And everyone knows that they (BJP) got only 5 years and from that 1 year got over. People of India are ashamed of Mr. Prime Minister who said that Indian are ashamed of being born as Indian. Actually now Indians are feeling Ashamed for making such person a Prime Minister who is illiterate and a killer of Mankind and don’t know anything about India’s history. I think Indian people should send all these bloody illiterate people (BJP) to Pakistan and other Arab country’s then they will come to know the value of India and Indian constitution till then they will not open their eyes and see the world. Ask Mr. Naqvi to go to other county’s where people don’t eat beef and he is talking about Arab Nation who sell beef then I would like to inform him that Arab Nation’s get beef mostly from India. Arab Nation’s don’t farm cow’s, bullocks ets. They get the pink meat from India and India is the second largest beef exporter in the World. Mr. Naqvi is saying that they export the beef but Indians should not eat. Ahhhahahaaha Mr. Naqvi summer is on its peak and I request you not to go out in hot sun. Aaap nikal gaye aap ku dhup lag gayi. And one more thing Mr. Naqvi is Minority Affair Minister and what else he need from Prime Minister. He is already in a position then why is he giving such kind of statements. Might be want to become BJP President and why am I saying this is because in BJP’s government people get positions according to their criminal records and criminal statements. BJP people be careful (Sambhal Jao) before your Acche Din start.


  3. exactly and very nice article bjp does have more ministers with criminal records and many mps are crore patis . i could learn one thing from this bjp if u kill people and have many crores with u …… can become the cabinet minister in bjp govt


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