Muslims; The new dalits of India

Poor and Dalits are such pawns of Indian Politics which holds the power to overthrow the governments. Like it was always there in Indian Politics and Indian society; living an Unequal life, being tortured by Upper Casts and ignorance by the System – In India being a Dalit could be the worst nightmare of one’s life. Though Indian Constitution has given power to the Dalits so that they could live an equal life as others. But the society still does not accept them and they are treated UN Equal.

After the 2014 Elections, BJP MPs and RSS have taken these differences and Inequalities to a new level, Sparking Controversies and Making Minority Groups feel like Unwelcomed Guests in their Own Home Country. This is what made me describe Muslims as New Age Dalits, Current state of Muslims is no better than Dalits as both sections of the Society are being treated with Inequality. When a Government becomes deaf and communal at that time what else we can expect from the Society which already has not changed their perception for Dalits and Muslims since ages.

“As the Ignorance and Discrimination by the System and Governments was not enough; the Religion based Discrimination by a Business House made it even worse. The Current scenario Reminds me of Black Days that Dalits of India Witnessed”. If we talk about Management Graduate Zeshan Ali Khan, he never had expected such kind of reply from the business house where he applied for a job considering him eligible for the job by all means. There’s a wise saying- “Before pointing our finger at others we should take a look within ourselves. Perhaps doing so will help finding mistakes in our actions and resolve the problem.” The problem with majority of Indians is same. we do not find fault in our self and try to prove our self better than others. Being A Hindu I really do not find Myself with any extra features god has given to me as a reward. I wonder how those sick mentality people can deny job to a talented head just because he’s a Muslim. Do they think Muslims are Aliens? Or Dalits?

Well, I believe they do not believe in life on other planets so the Answer is Clear. The two equally talented and deserved sections of society are being Harassed, Refused and Rejected by the society just because they have heard rumors about them.

  • Rumors that they are Untouchables;
  • Rumors, that they are disloyal.
  • Rumors, that they are Terrorists.
  • Rumors, that their ancestors had looted and destroyed India.
  • Rumors, that they are not Patriotic.
  • Rumors, that every Muslim Hate Others.

While none of the above written rumors is true; Please allow me to reveal a truth. The Problem is in within Mentality of People. Imagine a Country, where setting Ambedkar’s Song as Mobile Ringtone can cost one’s life and Being Muslim or Dalit lands you into false Encounters and Unemployment; we cannot expect country’s development in such scenario.

The Problem is in Some Upper Cast People who believe they are Born Superior and holds the right to rule Lower casts and Other Religions, But I think they have no Idea about they too are born In the Same way as Dalits or Muslims are Born, They too had spent same amount time in their Mother’s Womb. They too had same Blood and have no right to discriminate others. Such people come forward in protests and Complain about Reservation Quotas in Education, Service sectors and look at Dalits and Other Minorities with a raised Brow. But I think the Reservation Quotas for Minority people and Dalits is justified and should not be abolished anytime soon.

Because in My Opinion those who think themselves as superior ones have to change their Perception about Dalits and Muslims before demanding Abolishment of Any Reservation Quota or anything. Like in the case of ‘Zeshan Ali Khan’ he was not given the job because the mentality of the management who took this decision is still struck in 16th century. And it’s just not the one case. I personally have many friends who think Dalits are Untouchables and Every Muslim hates India and Indian People.

They have to understand everyone’s got equal chance to live and do the work of their choice regardless of their Cast, Creed, Color or Gender. People criticizing Dalits, Muslims and other Minorities must understand the Importance of their existence in society.

They must Understand It’s not all About Reservation Quota It is about freedom and Equality they want. The Reservation Quotas will be abolished when the Equality to them will be given.

People Must understand that they (Dalits and Muslims) too are born in the same country dreamed about peaceful lives; contributed to the development of the country.

They must understand that defacing the Road Boards with Muslim names will not change the History. We cannot forget How Mugals and Muslims helped building the nation and rich culture of India.

They must understand that Muslim Community and Islamic culture and Heritage are Integral parts of India and Indian Culture; the whole system of the country will collapse without this Important Building block of India.

They must stop questioning the Patriotism of others and look within and evaluate themselves.

They must understand that -If want to see the change then we must change ourselves first. Stop hating people if you expect no hate from others.

In the End- They Must Kill their Ego and accept the reality that the are just like everyone else. They are not superior.



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